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Is your skin looking bad? rajeunissement-2

They are not necessarily the wrinkles that betray our age. By external influences such as UV light and climate stress often show up early on brown spots, uneven pigmentation, thread veins and large pores. Regardless of age is ideal for this now an innovative, extremely safe and gentle method of Total Skin Renewal.

What is Total Skin Renewal ?

Collagen – a innate support for the skin – is found only in the deeper layers of the skin. It is responsible for plump, youthful appearance of the skin. With age, the collagen in the skin is less, while new collagen is hardly replicated yet. But if the framework shrinks to the overlying skin sets in wrinkles. Successful removal of wrinkles is therefore best to the collagen supply.

It will be in the “jungle of providers” tells many “stories” and there are huge amounts of money spent on creams and treatments in aesthetic and beauty salons, but unfortunately too often with doubtful to no result.

Why Laser world is so successful?reviderm_2_1

Laser not only offers a method to your problem but a variety of relevant equipment systems with only one goal: “Only the best for you, your skin type and your particular situation!”

All offer for sale the world of laser equipment systems work and help you in a healthy relationship with a beautiful, smooth and healthy skin.

Total Skin Renewal with The Complete Solution

For the method of treatment for Total Skin Renewal are microfine channels and collagen-elastinbildende heat introduced into the skin surface. The healthy skin between these sites of injury stimulates rapid healing. The effect of smoothing the skin passes through the new skin to light. It refreshes the skin surface. Total Skin Renewal with Our technology not only refined the structure and elasticity of the skin, it smoothes wrinkles and acne scars, and age spots can be refined. As a treatment for Total Skin Renewal, both the elasticity and texture of the skin is significantly improved, the doctor gives the patient be fresher and healthier appearance again – surely the ultimate goal of any treatment for Total Skin Renewal. Another advantage of this Total Skin Renewal method is the minimum rest period and the rapid healing – patients return average after few days back into your life!

Special treatment for Total Skin Renewal by The Complete Solution  Tech-
The gentle variant of skin renewal.The effective removal of calluses gets the skin a boost of energy and is more young and fresh Cells. The result is immediately visible: radiant skin, new,Luster and a rejuvenated appearance. Lines are reduced,Blemishes, lightens dark spots, minor Scar alleviated. Since the skin after the removal especially
is receptive, is followed by ultrasound hyaluronic inserted into the skin. A result can be proud of!Microdermabrasi
(Treatment interval 10-14 days)

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Why Microdermabrasion?
The problem:
Through strong cornification of the skin surface care products can not penetrate right into the skin, the active ingredients remain on the surface. The skin looks tired, limp, minor wrinkles occur. The blockage of the skin also hinders a good oxygen supply to the skin.
The treatment:
Microdermabrasion is a gentle variant of skin renewal and is suitable for all skin types. The effective peeling is carried out by radiation with a smooth high-grade aluminum oxide crystals. The crusted horny layer and impurities are gently, effectively and painlessly removed.
The effect:anigif-total skin renewal
After treatment, the skin is fine-pored and elastic, the strength increases and the depth of wrinkles accepts. Active ingredients can be re-absorbed better by the skin, the skin’s collagen and elastin production is activated. An optimal oxygen supply and optimized regulates cell regeneration and regeneration.
The structure improve the skin is visible after one treatment.
What is the appropriate treatment?
– Strong calloused skin
– Large pores, blemished and oily skin
– Pigmentary disorders
– Acne Prone Skin and Acne Scars
– Anti-aging

Treatment procedure:
1 Gentle cleansing of the skin
2 Gentle Enzyme Peeling for the optimal preparation of the skin
Third Microdermabrasion for effective removal of dead skin cells
4 Sonication with Hyaloron
5 Final care

What is hyaluronic acid?
The gel-like transparent liquid hyaluronic acid, is an important part of our connective tissue. It is produced by the body itself, but decreases with age more and more from. The result is that the elasticity of the skin wears off, they will dry out and wrinkle wrinkles.
For the cosmetics of the drug is so interesting because it has the property to bind large amounts of water – up to six liters per gram of weight.
Highly concentrated Hyalurongel can act contrary to these lesions and achieve a tangible and visible improvement of the skin.

What causes the subsequent ultrasonic treatment?
Ultrason intensified and prolonged, the effect of Hyalurongeles. It made it a depot action of up to 6 days by the introduction into the deeper layers of the skin and thereby significantly enhanced the drug uptake.

Other effects in the application of ultrasound:
Thermal effect:
Activation of blood circulation, metabolism and lymphatic circulation
Mechanical effect:
Cell activation by train / compression movement of the sound waves U.S.
Biochemical effect:
Stimulation of fibroblasts (connective tissue cells), elastin and the ATP production (energy source for the cells)

The results with regular use is thus the reduction of lines and wrinkles and smoothing and rejuvenating the skin’s appearance.

After treatment:
– Maintain your skin in connection with a high-quality home care by The Complete Solution
– Give 48 hours after treatment sauna and swimming pool
– Do not go for about 1 week in the sun
– Apply a sun protection factor Staying in the sun

– Pathological inflamed skin
– Skin Cancer
– Acute herpes
– Skin infections, eczema
– Drugs that dry the skin (acne)
– Warts
– Fresh scars and wounds
– Rosacea
– Psoriasis

For best treatment results in a treatment regimen of minutes. 5 treatments necessary. Treatments should be carried out at intervals of 10-14 days. Important for a good result in the proper care at home.

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